Build smarter with us

Welcome to VARTEL HOMES.

Quality, affordability and professionalism have always been our defining core values.

The whole team at Vartel are committed to building homes for Victorian families that deliver high quality and offer affordable luxury.

Our buying power, skills and knowledge enable us to offer you affordable luxury by keeping our prices down. Offering you low prices means that you are able to add more of those little items of luxury so you can turn your dream home into a reality.

Our simplified in house processes and years of experience ensure your new home journey is a simple and reliable one. Right from the start we work to exceed your expectations so you will have a stress free and enjoyable journey throughout the entire process.

We have made quality an integral part of our business operations. Every home we build uses superior products and materials that are carefully selected. We also expect an extraordinary level of attention to detail from our highly experienced and skilled tradesman who are all trained to meet our particular standards.

We are a proud family business that has been building homes in Victoria for the past 120years. We are now 3rd and 4th generation builders who continue to pass on expert building skills and knowledge to our family and staff making Vartel a formidable, highly skilled and experienced team.

If you build with us you really are building smarter.